Why should you come to Matsalu?

Matsalu National Park, with its wonderful natural views and historical natural objects, offers many possibilitites to enjoy and listen to the nature and its values.

  • There are very rare semi-natural landscapes here in Matsalu – flooded meadows and coastal meadows, alluvial meadows, wooded meadows and the largest reed massif in the Baltic Sea.
  • Matsalu has shallow bays, remnant lakes and small islets.
  • The great emotion is conveyed by the massive migration of birds in spring and autumn.
  • The species-rich coastal and wooded meadows with their exciting plants offer a pleasure for those who are interested in botany.
  • Open landscape and lots of space and silence are rare today!
  • The peculiarity of the region is the appreciation of nature tourism and nature education.
  • Local food, local culture – rural life close to nature.

Matsalu National Park and it’s surrounding area has been awarded with European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. This sertificate is a practical management tool that enables Protected Areas to develop tourism sustainably.